Monday, June 20, 2016

Story of an Ex-Snap deal customer !!

Hi Snapdeal
I hope your day was good.

How was mine you might ask. Not good. Really bad actually. Why so you may ask. Well read below.

This is regarding my Order ID:13764553916
& Ticket ID: 25168869

After a lot of convincing my parents to buy a birthday gift for a relative online I finally bought a bean bag for my brother. Alas, I received a completely different product from what I ordered. A Red color bean bag in XL size instead of a Black one in XXL. I was embarrassed to even tell my parents that and quietly placed a request for replacement. To my relief I was told this will be handled on urgent basis.
However, the real experience goes like this.
I call the customer care every day in the morning and afternoon/evening. I request them to arrange for a pick up as the concerned guy came to my home and refused to take the product. I am kept on hold for periods as long as 30 mins. The funny part is in my today's call, I got to know that my yesterday's last call at 5:28 P.M. has not been recorded in the system only. I am amazed by the fact as it lasted for 31 mins and I had to hang up because of the long hold. Funny isn't it. An executive answer's my call keeps me on hold but forgets to log it in the system.
Now let's come to the part of the courier company you have tie ups with.

Everyday I get a call from a courier guy in the morning that he will be there in half an hour. BY 4/5 P.M. his half hour is over and he finally pays a visit. BUT, he refuses to take the product back. Poor guy is on a bike and nicely tells me "Ma'am a truck will come tomorrow to pick this up".
This has been repeated twice till date. I have the product ready to go and they just refuse. A bean bag with thermocol balls is pretty heavy you see.
This brings me to my last part.

Is this the service a customer expects? Is this the way a consumer should be treated? Is this the way you plan to get more customers?? 
If your answer is yes.. then you are on the right track but if the answer is No, you are in a lot of thinking my friend.
An EX-Snapdeal Customer

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Delhi's Odd vs Even

We might have read the news that Delhi crossed Beijing in terms of Pollution. Looking at the gravity of the situation the Kejriwal government announced an Odd Even plan.

So what does this Odd Even plan mean to layman??

Owing to the pollution levels in Delhi and the winter season the government decided that there will be some Odd days and some Even days.

Odd numbered vehicles are allowed to ply on the odd days and the even ones on the even days.
And needless to say this is just for private vehicles. The public vehicles will ply irrespective of this situation.To help the commuters the government will also increase the frequency of Delhi Metro and other public transport.

So you see the aim is to cut down on the traffic by almost half and the government believes this will help in the smog which gets settled every winter season. 

My Point of View

The move is good but the Kejriwal government should have solved the more pressing issues related to the transport system in Delhi before declaring this plan.

First and foremost the government needs to manage the city's Auto system. The auto wallahs keep going on strike to get a hike in the fare and then charge a passenger whatever they feel. All this is on the simple pretext of having to return empty.
Needless to say autos are one of the main transportation means for Delhiites besides the metro's these days. Especially for people travelling longer distances with kids or elderly.
With this odd even plan in place the autowallahs will have a gala time if not monitored.

Secondly the city hardly has any of the cabs plying. Some of the Private cab companies have been chucked out owing to the incidents that happened in the past whilst the others are allowed to charge sky high prices for any distance.

With such sky high prices pollution in the city will surely decrease but the increase in people's expenditure will increase exponentially.

Thirdly, the city should be safe for girls to travel through public transport especially at night. We do not really need another incidence in the city like Nirbhaya. We all know that Delhi is one of the most unsafe cities in India. We would not want unwanted X-ray eyes to scan us when we go for a party or take advantage of us because we happen to have odd number car on an even day.

With lower pollution in the city such incidences might see a rise in the city.

So as a Delhiite whether I have an Odd car or an Even one it will not matter to me. I would rather pay the fine on a particular day than empty my pockets on public transport or risk my life with it.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Should we be scared of Change??

In life one always has to change... Like its said... Change is the only constant...

But what if that constant is pushing another constant into a variable... something that you don't really want....
Doesn't make sense?? I'll explain

Let's say you have a few things which are constant in your life... Things you know will never change.. Like your habits, your liking, your memories , your manners, your behavior etc.

and what if these constants are actually being pushed away from you and made to become variables... I don't mean variables in literal sense but rather by variables I mean something that changes but not due to your will....

The equations in life change in such a manner that you are left with no option... 
You hate it... You know this is not right but you have to do it..You start hating yourself and you are stuck in a circle of change..

You change for the good around you but end up changing the entire equation and hence get new variables....The unwanted variables...

You wait for sometime for things to settle... For things to take a new turn... because then you will get back to the constant in your life again and have the same equation... But does this really happen...

Obviously not...  So in a nutshell...

You change... 

But is the new change pleasant? 
Will the people (,love etc.) around accept you... Most importantly will the people who have always been around you accept the new you??

If they do.. it's good... but what if they don't ... whose at fault in that scenario.... Me because I changed and couldn't live up to expectations or he/she for not understanding the reason of change..

If you can answer the above question then you can sure as hell answer the below one...

Is it justified for us to not change because we are scared that people who have always been around will change towards you???

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Staircase or Pathway??

Thoughts. Where do they lead you too?? How do we manage to get them one after the other and each one leading to a higher conclusion or higher level. Is it similar to climbing a staircase where every step you climb is a thought or is it the pathway to the distant building you're trying to see and every thought is a step closer to it?. .

If thoughts behave in a similar fashion as a stair case then you have one in your mind and then you go about thinking and thinking and thinking. The more you think the higher level of staircase you reach. And you end up having so many thoughts and conclusions that your vision is unclear. Similar to how you see everyone and everything from a higher level of stair case... blurred. You have thoughts that are just fragment of your imagination and over thinking.

But what if the thoughts are not really a staircase. What if thoughts are really the pathway mentioned above. A pathway that makes you see the bigger picture. Clearer and better. What if every step taken on the pathway is a clarity of your doubt or life , similar to how the building is clear with every step taken. The more thoughts you have the more distance you cover and the quicker you reach to your destination.The destination which you could not have arrived at had you not run your brains.

My question is not whether thoughts are the staircase or the pathway. But my question is how do you find out which one is the correct one. I know its more of a situation based thing. But how do you decide that what you're thinking is actually getting you closer to the bigger picture or is actually taking you to a level from where everything is more hazy. 

How about giving it a thought?

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Blast from the Past !

There are certain times you stumble upon things and people. Times which makes you travel to a land that was. Its like a blast from the past !!

Lets rewind.

You had a group of friends you were happy with.  You went around playing, teasing, shopping, hiking, gossiping, romancing, etc. with them. They meant the world to you and you would do anything for them thought in a rational way but of course. Things were great and you were on top of the world. You belonged with them. You couldn't have asked for anything more.

Then comes a mistake. A mistake that wasn't really a big one. A mistake that you thought you never made and is perceived as one by the others. Something you thought friends would understand but didn't. A gesture that would have been acceptable to you had you been at their place.

The mistake led to misunderstandings fights trust issues and parting of ways. It lead you to a world that you didn't think you'll be in. Like others stay in houses in a  normal world, you started living in a shell.

You were confused how to react. You stayed up night and day thinking over things. Playing every single detail in your mind and cry. Cry because you were hurt, devastated and helpless. You were singled out from the group, called a cheater and liar, abused at, ridiculed in front of all and humiliated. And what for?? A mistake that you never committed.

Years roll by and you come to the present.

Here comes the stumbling part. You stumble upon certain gifts, pictures, memories etc. You are reminded of the times. You think what went wrong. You self doubt. You know that the past has affected you. It's scarred you and no beauty products or surgery can heal it. It makes you sad because you don't feel real anymore. You don't know who to blame. You think when people say they wanna go back in time you dread the thought of the same. The blast from the past wasn't really a happy one. You're scared now. Scared of a lot of things for that matter.

But then again.. You're here in 2013. Smiling, living healthy and a future awaiting for you.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Scary night monsters

When you're little, night time is scary because there are monsters hiding right under your bed, next to the refrigerator or behind the television. You are afraid that if you go near them in the dark they'll eat you up or will pounce on you. And you.. will not be able to run from there. Hence, you're scared. When your mom tells you she needs water or switch off the television  and lights when you're the last person in the room you look at her like she's asked you do kill someone. The terror cannot be seen in your eyes but your hear beats faster. Inside you're making plans on tackling the monster if it were to come.

When you get older the monsters are different. Self doubt, Regret, Loneliness, Responsibilities etc. You see yourself staring at the dark often. Realizing that its not that easy to fight these monsters. These are the ones that grow within us. You ponder upon incidents and happenings around you. You analyse your position with respect to others. Often the analysis leads you to the monsters. You are often reminded by your friends and family of the monsters that are hovering over your head. You may act wiser and handle these monsters. Chances are you will win from them too because you are driven by your inner will and passion. 

But no matter how older and wiser you are , you still find yourself scared of these dark monsters.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Path that leads to nowhere

Often in life we find our selves at cross roads. We stand their for really long and ponder upon which one to take. Which path will take me to my destination. Which one is the easiest or the shortest path. The most exciting and adventurous one. The path that will lead  me to my dreams.

But what if I don't want to reach to the goal yet. Or that I don't know what my goal is? Do I keep standing at the cross roads and wonder. Or do I take a random path and just walk along it. The path that I don't know leads to where.

Apparently in life, we all take that path at least once. The path on which we walk without knowing what lies at the end. Another cross road or may be just a dead end.
Quite often we hear ourselves saying we are just going with the flow or we are flowing with the wind or we are taking one step at a time. So doesn't this mean that we are walking down the lane and don't know where it'll lead us too.

Youngsters who fall in love generally say they are living in the moment. I don't say that its bad. On the contrary I support them. Because there's no point planning the future when I can't enjoy my present.
But isn't it necessary to know where this love is leading me too?? or to know if this is the real thing?? or just to know that what I have isn't going to end soon. Shouldn't I know how long this road is intended to be by both of us??

Just to ponder upon another instance. School kids are often asked what they want to do after their done with schooling. Answers are generally, depends on my results, let me complete schooling first etc. My concern is, shouldn't they dream of what they want to be already? I mean only once they know what they want to become will they walk that path and fulfill their dreams. Isn't it? And if I don't know what I want to be then I won't know what to pack for my path because I won't know who I will meet and what I will need down the lane.

Many of you will say, once you start walking you get all the answers. Do we? What if you realize that its not your path but there's no turning back for the people involved in it or because of the people involved in it?

What will you do then? Hence I ask, is it advisable for us to take a path without knowing the address?? Should we walk along,
irrespective of the fact that I don't know if it's real or if it's right?